Handles links to external resources for different objects.

GET api/Links/Single/{id}

Gets a specific record in the database based on the link id.

GET api/Links/{id}?origin={origin}

Gets a list of links for a specified entity

POST api/Links

Adds an entity link for a person or tournament

PUT api/Links/{id}

Updates an entity link.

DELETE api/Links/{id}

Deletes the specified unique identifier.


Controller for Draw Types. Administration only

GET api/DrawTypes/{id}

Gets a specific draw type

PUT api/DrawTypes/{id}

Update a draw type record.

DELETE api/DrawTypes/{id}

Deletes a draw type

GET api/DrawTypes

Gets all draw types

POST api/DrawTypes

Adds a draw type to the database


Returns information about awards.

GET api/Awards/Personal/{id}

Gets A list of awards for a specified person.

GET api/Awards/Category/{id}

Gets A list of awards for a specified kind of award.

GET api/Awards/{id}

Gets a specific award record

POST api/Awards

Creates the specified award.

PUT api/Awards/{id}

Updates the the specified award.

DELETE api/Awards/{id}

Deletes the specified award.


Controller for different kind of reports.

GET api/Reports/AssociationRanking/{associationId}

Ranking report for a specific association

GET api/Reports/TeamAppearances/{associationId}?tournamentTypeId={tournamentTypeId}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/AssociationSummary/{associationId}

A report that creates a summary report for an association.

GET api/Reports/AllTimeRecord/{tournamentTypeId}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/WinnersPercentage/{tournamentTypeId}

Creates a report with championship winners sorted by falling percentage

GET api/Reports/PersonalAppearances/{tournamentTypeId}?associationId={associationId}&returnNumber={returnNumber}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/PersonalChampionships/{tournamentTypeId}?associationId={associationId}&returnNumber={returnNumber}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/PersonalFinals/{tournamentTypeId}?associationId={associationId}&returnNumber={returnNumber}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/PersonalMedals/{tournamentTypeId}?associationId={associationId}&returnNumber={returnNumber}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/PersonalGames/{tournamentTypeId}?associationId={associationId}&returnNumber={returnNumber}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/PersonalWins/{tournamentTypeId}?associationId={associationId}&returnNumber={returnNumber}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/BigEnds/{tournamentId}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/TournamentPercentages/{tournamentId}?playoff={playoff}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/CurrentTournaments?currentDate={currentDate}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/TopScorers/{tournamentId}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/LastStones/{tournamentId}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/TeamStatistics/{tournamentId}?playoff={playoff}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/Medals/{tournamentType}

No documentation available.

GET api/Reports/WinLoss/{tournamentId}

Report the win/Loss record

GET api/Reports/NoBirthdays/{tournamentId}

Report the players without birthdays (used by admin)

GET api/Reports/HeadToHead?tournamentType={tournamentType}&associationId1={associationId1}&associationId2={associationId2}

Report with all games between two associations for a specified tournament type.


Calculate tournament standings. Administration accounts only.

GET api/Numbers/Calculate/{tournamentId}

Initiates the calculation


Handles different kinds of information, mainly dropdowns.

GET api/BasicInformation/CompetitionClasses

Gets a list of the competition classes.

GET api/BasicInformation/Groups

Gets a list of all tournament groups.

GET api/BasicInformation/OdfMessageTypes

Gets the odf message types.

GET api/BasicInformation/OdfStatusTypes

Gets the odf status types.

GET api/BasicInformation/Genders

Gets a list of all genders

GET api/BasicInformation/Deliveries

Gets a list of possible delivery styles.

GET api/BasicInformation/Relations

Gets a list of different family relation types.

GET api/BasicInformation/Positions

Gets a list of team positions.

GET api/BasicInformation/GameTypes

Gets a list of game types allowed.

GET api/BasicInformation/TournamentZones

Gets a list of the tournament zones allowed.

GET api/BasicInformation/LinkTypeDescriptions

Gets the link types.

GET api/BasicInformation/OfficialRoles

Gets the official role types.

GET api/BasicInformation/RankingTypes

Gets the Ranking types


Handles tournament standings.

GET api/Standings/Single/{id}

No documentation available.

GET api/Standings/{id}?group={group}&sortOrder={sortOrder}

No documentation available.

POST api/Standings

No documentation available.

PUT api/Standings/{id}

No documentation available.

DELETE api/Standings/{id}

No documentation available.


Handles draws information.

GET api/Draws/Tournament/{id}

Gets all the draws for a tournament.

GET api/Draws/Copy/{id}/{to}

Gets a specific draw by database id.

GET api/Draws/Record/{id}

Copies draws between different

POST api/Draws

Adds a draw to the database

PUT api/Draws/{id}

Updates a draw record

DELETE api/Draws/{id}

Deletes a draw record.


Tidbits - Small pieces of more or less interesting information

GET api/Tidbits/TournamentAges/{id}

Gets the top (5) oldest and youngest players in a championship.

GET api/Tidbits/TournamentExperience/{id}

Gets the top 5 experienced players in a championship (and all the rookies).

GET api/Tidbits/TournamentBasicFacts/{id}

Gets the basic facts about the teams in a championship


Handles information about tournament teams

GET api/Teams/Member/{id}

Gets a single team member

GET api/Teams/{id}

Gets the teams for a tournament

POST api/Teams?tournamentId={tournamentId}&teamNumber={teamNumber}

Adds a team member record

PUT api/Teams?tournamentId={tournamentId}&teamNumber={teamNumber}

Updates a team member record

DELETE api/Teams/{id}

Deletes the specified team member.


Exposes information regarding tournaments.

GET api/Tournaments/Multiple?tournaments[0]={tournaments[0]}&tournaments[1]={tournaments[1]}

Gets tournament information

GET api/Tournaments/Dates?startDate={startDate}&endDate={endDate}

No documentation available.

GET api/Tournaments/Type/{tournamentType}

No documentation available.

GET api/Tournaments/{id}

Gets detailed information including standings and games.

POST api/Tournaments

No documentation available.

PUT api/Tournaments/{id}

No documentation available.

DELETE api/Tournaments/{id}

No documentation available.


Handles club data

GET api/Clubs/Association/{id}

Gets clubs for a specific country.

GET api/Clubs/Record/{id}

Gets a specific club by id

POST api/Clubs

Adds a club to the database

PUT api/Clubs/{id}

Updates the specified club

DELETE api/Clubs/{id}

Deletes the specified club.


Controller to handle ODF messages

GET api/Odf/Messages?competition={competition}&documentType={documentType}&status={status}

Gets ODF Messages

POST api/Odf/Process?competition={competition}&numberOfMessages={numberOfMessages}

Process a number of messages for a specified championship

POST api/Odf

Creates a record in the ODF Processing queue


Handles personal data

GET api/People/WCF?id={id}&details={details}

Gets the person by the WCF identifier.

GET api/People?firstName={firstName}&surName={surName}&countryCode={countryCode}&details={details}

Gets a list of people based on the given search criteria.

GET api/People/{id}?details={details}

Gets a specific person.

POST api/People

Creates a new person

PUT api/People/{id}

Updates the specified person

DELETE api/People/{id}

Deletes the specified identifier.


This API is used to get ab authentication token used for calling other API's.

POST api/Authorize

Posts the specified data.


Facts is an entity where a random curling fact is generated when calling the service.

GET api/Facts

Gets a random fact.


Controller handling (blood) relations.

GET api/Relations?personId={personId}

Gets the specified person's relations.

POST api/Relations

Creates two relations records based on the input.

PUT api/Relations/{id}

Updates a relations record based on the input.

DELETE api/Relations/{id}

Deletes the specified relation record.


Controller that handles tournament types (WCC, ECC etc)

GET api/TournamentTypes

Gets all available tournament types.

GET api/TournamentTypes/{id}

Gets a specific tournament type.

POST api/TournamentTypes

Adds a tournament type.

PUT api/TournamentTypes/{id}

Updates a tournament type

DELETE api/TournamentTypes/{id}

Deletes a tournament type.


Calculate tournament standings. Administration accounts only.

GET api/Calculate?tournamentId={tournamentId}&calculateRankings={calculateRankings}

Initiates the calculation


Handles jobs for national coaches.

GET api/NationalCoaches/{id}

Gets the coach jobs for the specified person

POST api/NationalCoaches

Creates a coach job

PUT api/NationalCoaches/{id}

Updates the specified job.

DELETE api/NationalCoaches/{id}

Deletes the specified job.


Handles games information

GET api/Games?tournamentId={tournamentId}&associationId={associationId}&teamNumber={teamNumber}&drawNumber={drawNumber}&details={details}

No documentation available.

GET api/Games/{id}

Gets a specific game. Only for administrators.

POST api/Games

Adds a game.

PUT api/Games/{id}

Updates the specified game.

DELETE api/Games/{id}

Deletes the specified game.


Controller for working with world rankings data.

GET api/Rankings?categoryId={categoryId}&associationId={associationId}&rankingDate={rankingDate}

Gets the rankings based on the selection criterias.


Handles information about officials

GET api/Officials?tournamentId={tournamentId}&roleCodes={roleCodes}

Gets the specified tournament's officials.

GET api/Officials/{id}

Gets the specified official record

POST api/Officials

Adds an official to a tournament.

PUT api/Officials/{id}

Modify an officials record.

DELETE api/Officials/{id}

Deletes an officials record.


Handles access to the associations data

GET api/Associations

Gets a list of associations.

GET api/Associations/{id}

Gets a specified association by its database id.

POST api/Associations

Adds an association.

PUT api/Associations/{id}

Updates an association record.

DELETE api/Associations/{id}

Deletes the specified association.


Controller that handles texts used by the API

GET api/Texts?textType={textType}&tournamentId={tournamentId}

Gets texts of a specified type.

GET api/Texts/{id}

Gets a specific text.

POST api/Texts

Adds a text to the database.

PUT api/Texts/{id}

Updates a text in the database

DELETE api/Texts/{id}

Deletes the specified text.


Handles play-off trees.

GET api/PlayOffTrees

Gets a list of all play-off trees

POST api/PlayOffTrees

Adds a play-off model to the database.

PUT api/PlayOffTrees/{id}

Updates a play-off model.

DELETE api/PlayOffTrees/{id}

Deletes a play-off model.


Handles alternative names for a person. Used by administrators only.

GET api/Names/{id}

Gets all additional names for a person.

POST api/Names

Adds an additional name to a person.

PUT api/Names/{id}

Updates the specified name record.

DELETE api/Names/{id}

Deletes the specified name record.


Handles participants in a game. Administrator only. Use the games provider to retrieve inftomation.

GET api/Participants/{id}

Gets a specific participant record.

POST api/Participants?gameId={gameId}&teamId={teamId}&teamNumber={teamNumber}

Adds a participant record.

PUT api/Participants/{id}?gameId={gameId}&teamId={teamId}&teamNumber={teamNumber}

Updates a participant record.

DELETE api/Participants/{id}

Deletes the specified participant record.


Handles ends. Only open to administrators. Use the Games controller to retrieve ends.

GET api/Ends/{id}

Gets a specific end.

POST api/Ends

Adds an end to the database.

PUT api/Ends/{id}

Updates an end in the database.

DELETE api/Ends/{id}

Deletes the specified end.


Returns competition classes

GET api/CompetitionClasses

Returns all competition classes

GET api/CompetitionClasses/{id}

Gets a specific competition class based on the id.